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Wild Alaskan Salmon


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Want a healthy and clean source of salmon but don't know who to trust?

Now you can get wild caught sockeye salmon directly from a Minnesotan family who travels to Alaska to catch it themselves!

The pristine waters of Bristol Bay provide a clean source of seafood and are carefully managed and conserved to ensure a sustainable source of fish for future years.

Kevin and Stephanie Schmidt of Fergus Falls, MN wanted to ensure that they could offer the highest quality fish by skipping any "middle men" in their net to plate operation.

"We catch ALL of our own fish as well as professionally process them in our FDA inspected fillet house. We handle each and every fish with care, vacuum seal, and flash freeze for ultimate freshness."

As the Schmidt family says, "From our net to your plate!"

Recipes for Sunrise Salmon here!

  • Salmon Filets- These filets are so fresh they still have pin bones (but they're easy to remove once you find the row of them down the center).  Did you know that salmon has to be "aged" in order for the meat to soften and release the pin bones for commercial processing machines?!
  • Salmon Spoonings- Small pieces of salmon- great for making burgers!  The pieces are a little larger than typical ground meat, so you may want to chop them smaller in a food processor.
  • Hot Smoked Salmon- Simply smoked with brown sugar and salt.  Fully cooked and ready to eat.  Perfect for making dips like this one (recipe here)