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Raw Milk Pick Up at Glory Garden

Raw milk is available for pick up at Glory Garden. Trever Gilkerson's family (of Gilkerson Gardens in Brookings) also operates Jerseydale Farm, one of the few dairies offering raw milk in SD.

About Jerseydale Farm:
The Gilkerson Family produces raw milk from a small herd of Holstein-Jersey cross cows on their farm in Brookings, SD. The cows are on pasture from May-October and fed hay in the winter, in addition to being supplemented with cracked corn and distillers grain year round. The milk never contains any hormones or antibiotics. Because it is non-homogenized, it will yield a layer of cream on top. Milk can be ordered on an as-needed basis with no weekly commitment.

Safety of raw milk:
Before purchasing, please research the risks and benefits to determine if raw (unpasteurized) milk would be a healthy part of your family's diet.

Who can order raw milk?
We are providing milk pick up as a free service to customers who place a Glory Garden order and choose farm pick up. (We do not deliver milk to drop sites in Sioux Falls.)

How to order raw milk:
In SD, raw milk must be purchased directly from the dairy farmer (not a retailer) so milk orders must be placed directly on the Gilkerson Gardens website.
First, place an order on Glory Garden for produce, meat, eggs, or honey between 6AM Friday-8AM Monday.
Then order your raw milk from Gilkerson Gardens (it's fast and easy!).

Where to pick up raw milk:
The milk can be picked up at our farm along with your Glory Garden order on Tuesdays from 4:00-6:30PM at 47042 258th St. Sioux Falls, SD 57107. (We do not deliver milk to drop sites in Sioux Falls.)

Do the milk jars need to be returned?
Yes, the glass jars MUST be returned!

Raw milk is Sioux Falls, South Dakota

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