Our Producers

Berrybrook Organics

Marion, SD

Will and Sherilyn Ortman's family grows a variety of crops on their certified organic farm. They provide us with dry goods such as wheat berries, wheat flour, and cornmeal.

Blue Sky Vegetable Co

Worthing, SD

Dirk and Kjersten Oudman previously farmed in WI before moving back to SD in 2021 to be near family and are putting down roots on their new farm near Worthing.Β 

Burggraff's Pastured Meats

Colton, SD

Lincoln and Erin Burggraff provide Glory Garden with pasture raised eggs.

Clover Ranch Bison

Beresford, SD

Jason and Erin Callaway bring antibiotic and hormone free humanely-raised bison to the table.

Dakota Mushrooms and Microgreens

Sioux Falls, SD

Daniel Rislov uses an indoor facility to grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms and microgreens year round!

Free Happy Farm

Elkton, SD

Joel and Kristina Gindo raise pigs the old fashioned way, allowing them to forage in the weeds and wallow in the mud. Their pigs are truly free and happy!

Front Porch Produce

Baltic, SD

Tom and Kelly have mastered the science of growing great sweet potatoes in South Dakota. Their plentiful harvest each fall blesses us with an abundance of sweet potatoes through the winter.

Fruit of the Coop

Brandon, SD

Stephanie Peterson has become the local expert on all things chickens and eggs! In addition to selling eggs from her own free range chickens, she sources eggs from other small family flocks in the Sioux Empire.

Gilkerson Gardens

Brookings, SD

Trevor Gilkerson has spent years learning about greenhouse growing and perfecting his techniques. Thanks to his dedication, we are able to enjoy his cucumbers and tomatoes from April-October here is SD. As of 2021, Gilkerson Gardens is fully organic in practice, though not yet certified.

Glory Garden

Sioux Falls, SD

I used to grow everything for Glory Garden myself. Now that I partner with other farmers, I get to choose only my favorite crops to grow, which includes herbs, sugar snap peas, and rhubarb!

Golden Hour Blooms

Sioux Falls, SD

16 year old Ella Maifeld channels her creative and artistic soul into growing beautiful blooms to brighten your day. Her edible flowers and naturally grown bouquets are available on Glory Garden during the summer months.


Canova, SD

Founded in 1980 by Tom and Ruth Neuburger, the Goosemobile was acquired by Travis and Lisa Muth's family, who are continuing the tradition of raising pastured poultry and processing it on farm in their inspected facility.

Hackberry Hollow

Renner, SD

Located along the Big Sioux River, Jerry Ward's farm is a beautiful place to visit. He provides us with chemical free, no-spray apples from his orchard in the fall of each year.

Prairie Coteau Farm

Astoria, SD

Nick Siddens and Kristianna Gehant Siddens specialize in certified organic garlic. They also raise grassfed lamb on their farm located on the Coteau des Prairies, a long, high ridge in northeastern South Dakota.

Prairie Roots Produce

Freeman, SD

Andre and Lillie Eisenbeis grow a variety of high quality produce with the help of their baby Jesse.

Rye's Honey Farm

Renner, SD

Once a large scale honey producer, Dale Rye has many years of experience and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to bees.

Stensland Family Farms

Larchwood, IA

Four generations of the Stensland family work together to produce milk, cheese, and ice cream from their herd of 200 cows.

Svec Farm

Estelline, SD

Tanya Svec and her family raise 100% grassfed beef on their fifth generation farm.

Tillford Rye Farm

Garretson, SD

Jeremy Nelson grows a wide array of produce and especially enjoys selecting unique and flavorful varieties that you wouldn't find at a typical grocery store.

Velkamp Family Farms

Garretson, SD

Arlan and Ami Velkamp raise pastured chickens and provide us with delicious eggs as well as fresh green beans.

Warner's Produce

Montrose, SD

Paul Warner grows a variety of vegetables, focusing primarily on potatoes, onions, carrots, and squash.

5th Generation Farm

Marion, SD

Tim and Anita Eisenbeis raise a variety of organic crops on their farm, including flax seed which they sell through Glory Garden.