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About Us


One girl. One garden. For the glory of God.

That's how Glory Garden began.

In 2014- the year I graduated high school- I decided to turn my garden into a business.

Now 10 years later, we've responded to the needs of our customers by partnering with other farmers and businesses to form an online farmers market. Families in the Sioux Falls and Brookings area now have an easy way to shop locally.

Since beginning Glory Garden, I've gotten married, moved to a house in town, and now have 2 daughters.

Providing my family with nutritious food is one of my top priorities.

But the struggle is real!

Trying to make dinner with 2 hungry toddlers underfoot is not easy.

That's why I'm learning ways to plan ahead, cook more efficiently, and simplify the process.

I share all of that, along with seasonal recipes, on my blog. Join our email list to receive new blog posts via email!