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Pastured Whole Chicken


The Muth family from The Goosemobile raises their chickens the old fashioned way.  During the day, they free range across the farm for greens and bugs and return to their shed to sleep securely at night. They are fed a grain mix from a local elevator.

They never receive any antibiotics, hormones, or drugs.

The Muths do the processing themselves on the farm, so your meat comes straight from the farm to your freezer. This meat is never shipped across the country, bathed in chlorine, or injected with saline.  Each piece of meat is hand cut and packaged, then frozen.

The skin and bones from these pastured chickens makes an excellent nutrient-dense chicken stock. Simply place the non-meat pieces of the chicken in a crock pot, cover with water, and cook for several hours up to a day.

Price is for a whole frozen chicken. Choose from a variety of sizes.

To give you an idea of the sizes:
Small: about the size of an acorn squash
Medium: about the size of an average cantaloupe
Large: about the size of a football
XL: about the size of a gallon tub of ice cream