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Infused Honey


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Little Shire Farm in Aurora, SD pairs their family's honey with simple wholesome ingredients to make infused honey without artificial flavors or preservatives.  Enjoy these flavors of honey stirred into coffee or tea, over oatmeal, with waffles, in marinades and sauces for grilled meat, or on your favorite icecream or cheesecake.  The possibilities are endless!

Cinnamon Cardamom
Spicy cinnamon and aromatic cardamom paired with clover honey.  Try it drizzled over a warm bowl of oatmeal.
Ingredients: Raw clover honey, organic Ceylon cinnamon, organic cardamom.

Double Chocolate
Get rid of that fake chocolate syrup and indulge in a natural treat.  Expect it to harden like taffy when drizzled over ice cream (yum!).
Ingredients: Clover honey, black cocoa, non-alkalized cocoa.

Aged Kentucky bourbon reduction folded into Little Shire Farm's clover honey.
Ingredients: Raw clover honey and reduced aged bourbon.

Hot Pepper
Slow heat, soothing sweet!  Great for grilling meat!
Ingredients: Raw clover honey, locally grown red Thai chilies.

Orange Vanilla
Intensely sweet and bold citrus blossom honey flavor combined with a touch of vanilla.
Ingredients: Orange blossom honey, vanilla bean, extracts, vanilla bean seeds.

Sea Salted
The battle of salty and sweet has been won, and both sides were victorious... as well as you!
Ingredients: Raw clover honey, French grey sea salt.

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