The Key to Knowing WHEN to Plant Your Garden + A Free Cheatsheet

This is Part 3 in the gardening series of blog posts from Glory Garden.

I used to be so confused and uncertain about when was the right time to plant our garden. 

Through years of experience, I have realized that almost all garden vegetables fall into 2 categories:

Category 1- Plant as soon as the soil can be worked
Category 2- Plant after danger of frost is passed

So when exactly is that?

"Plant as soon as the soil can be worked" usually happens in the first week or two of April here in Sioux Falls (unless we get a blizzard!).  As soon as the snow melts and the ground is no longer frozen, you should be planting the seeds in this category.  These plants are frost hardy which means that they will not be damaged by frost.

"Plant after danger of frost is passed" means that these plants are frost-tender and could be killed by a frost.  So wait until AFTER the last frost (usually mid May in our area) to plant these.

Why not wait until mid-May and plant both categories at the same time (and just get it all done at once!)?  Listen- this is really important:  The plants in category 1 suffer in the heat of summer and need to be planted ASAP in the spring.  For example, if you wait to plant your lettuce and until mid-May, by the time it is ready to eat, the hot summer days will have made it bitter.  Your radishes will be spicy, and your beets will bolt.

How do you know which category each vegetable falls into?  I made you this free cheat sheet to print out and refer to: Vegetable List Cheat Sheet

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and I will respond!

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