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My Top 4 Resources for Natural Pregnancy and Babies

Real Food for Pregnancy by Lily Nichols

This is the only pregnancy nutrition book you need to read.  I love how everything she writes is backed up by references to scientific data and studies.  Turns out that the traditional foods our ancestors ate are actually recommended by modern science!  Lily Nichols has forever changed the way I approach meals.  Whether I'm currently pregnant or not, I still follow her advice daily!

Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way by Susan McCutcheon

I've read quite a few birth books but I never understood female anatomy and the physiological process of birth as well as I did after I read this book.  God created our bodies to birth and it's something to look forward to- not dread!  If you only read one birth book, I think it should be this one!

Evidence Based Birth

This is a great website with free informational articles on topics like gestational diabetes, induction, vitamin K, fetal monitoring, and newborn eye ointment.  They provide the evidence to help you confidently navigate many decisions during pregnancy and birth.  I love that their lengthy reference-filled articles are summarized by a cliff-notes conclusion.

Taking Cara Babies

Cara Dumaplin's online baby sleep course helped me so much when I was struggling to get my 2nd baby to sleep well.  This is the only resource I'm sharing that's not free but it was well worth it!  (You can check out the above recommended books through interlibrary loan.)   Check out her social media accounts for free tips!

I hope you found this helpful!  Leave a comment with your own favorite resources or questions you may have!

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