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Raw Honey


1 review

Raw honey has not been heated and therefore still has all it’s nutritional and medicinal benefits. Yay!

This honey may crystalize after time, which is an indicator that it is truly raw (pasteurized honey will not crystalize.) Store in a warm place (not the frig!) to prevent it from crystalizing.

This honey is unfiltered.  The black flecks and white foam on the surface are wax, which is completely natural and harmless to consume.

Recycling: We do not reuse any of these honey containers.

Product feedback:

"It’s lighter than other honey I’ve had but I like that. It’s got a distinct flavor I can’t pin point what it is or the flower nectars the bees had to make it but it’s really good. We use it on yogurt , in tea and I sometimes do a little in my coffee if I’m wanting something sweet. I use it in yeast breads instead of sugar and it’s all been really good !  I like the larger jar and the fact you can put your spoon in to get it. No ones got time to squeeze honey out lol. " ~Sherry C.