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Comb Honey


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It doesn't get any closer to nature than this!  These honey combs were simply cut from the hive.  No filtering, no heating, no processing.  The entire comb can be eaten, including the chewy hexagonal beeswax.

Cut into bites and eat like candy
Slice and eat on toast or biscuits
Pair with cheese and add crackers, meat, and fruit to complete your cheese board
Add to a grilled cheese sandwich
Dip in hot chocolate
Stir into tea
Let me know how you enjoy it!

Health benefits
The raw honey, beeswax, and propolis that make up the comb have numerous health benefits:  Raw honey has a multitude of organic acids, amino acids, vitamins, phenols and multiminerals.  Beeswax works in conjunction with honey to effectively inhibit growth of certain bacteria, making honeycomb an especially potent health product.  Propolis contains compounds that are antioxidant, antimicrobial, anticancer, antiviral and anti-inflammatory.  (Source)

Comb honey will keep indefinitely at room temperature in a sealed container.

The combs are approximately 4"x4" and 1.5" thick.  The weight averages 11-12 oz per container.