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What Customers Are Saying About Our Free Range Eggs

(Above- The dark gold yolk is a good indicator that the chicken is raised outdoors and is able to forage for bugs and greens.)

One thing I have noticed since raising chickens myself and also selling free range eggs from other farms for the past 5 years, is that once someone tries farm fresh free range eggs, they have a hard time going back to typical grocery store eggs.

One friend, David, says he can't enjoy an omelet at a restaurant anymore after making his own with farm fresh eggs!

Warning: Farm fresh eggs may spoil your enjoyment of restaurant eggs (unless they are buying their eggs locally). :)

When I asked a few customers why it was important to them to buy free range eggs from a local farmer, they give 3 reasons:

What Customers Are Saying About Our Free Range Eggs

#1- Flavor and “looks”

“We love the free range eggs! The taste and flavor is so much better than the bland, tasteless eggs from the store. The dark yellow yoke looks healthy and full of nutrients unlike the pale store eggs. The store eggs seem so fake after seeing all the different color eggs we get in our carton each week. The kids always like checking out what colors we get each week. We got a speckled one this week so it brought on lots of squeals of delight!” - Rebecca D.

“There is a distinct difference in the color and flavor of eggs from free range chickens compared to store bought, commercialized, mass-produced, caged hens that are fed pesticide infested grains.” - Dottie N.

“We choose the eggs in large part because they just taste better! Oh and they are just plain prettier, inside and out!” - Kristin S.

“I've honestly never been a big egg fan, but eggs from pasture raised chickens don't taste "egg-y" to me. They taste buttery, rich.” Deb H.

#2- Health benefits

“Healthier chickens produce healthier eggs. Amongst other nutrients that are found in higher levels in free range chickens, is vitamin B12 -- which is the one nutrient many vegetarians (like me) have a difficult time getting in their diets.” Deb H.

“We like the health benefits of the eggs from an Omega fats and cholesterol standpoint, and the easy and more cost effective source of protein that they are.” Kristin S.

“Eggs are a good source of protein. I look for eggs from free range chickens. It is important to me that the chickens are allowed to forage for plants/greens, seeds, insects and worms (which is their natural food source).” Dottie N.

#3- Buying from a local farmer you trust

“I do very much like to support local producers as much as I can. That is very important.” Kristin S.

“Factory egg-laying operations are cruel. The more educated I've become about the horrific short lives the layers lead, the more we insist on eating eggs from happy chickens who have been allowed to wander around in the sun and fresh air, eating bugs, worms, plants, etc (when there isn't a foot of snow on the ground).” Deb H.

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