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My Top 3 Resources for Learning About Sourdough Bread

Must read blog article:

Lily's Sourdough Bread and Why It's Good for You

Learn about the health benefits of sourdough in this blog article by researcher and nutritionist Lily Nichols.

Must read book:

Grain of Truth by Stephen Yafa

After the author's wife becomes convinced by a health guru that gluten is leading to her demise, the author embarks on a quest to discover if there is any merit to all the gluten hating and grain bashing that is currently popular, especially in Paleo and Keto diets.  Far from being boring and scientific, this book reads like a documentary film as we follow Stephen on his journey around the world to discover a "Grain of Truth".

Must watch video:

Learn the secrets of sourdough bread from an expert baker as he shows you each step of the process in making sourdough artisan bread.

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