My Favorite Sourdough Recipes from Around the Internet

Biscuits- Cultures for Health

I have made these with both all purpose and soft white whole wheat flour.

Cinnamon Rolls- Butter For All

These cinnamon rolls were excellent even with whole wheat flour.  I found that I only needed 320 grams of milk to achieve a soft stretchy dough, unlike the 500 grams the recipe calls for.

Cornbread- The Gingered Whisk

Soft white whole wheat flour works just fine for this cornbread.

Crepes- Butter For All

Donuts- Baked

I found this recipe on a blog called "Baked" but these are amazing fried donuts.

English Muffins- Buttered Side Up

I had good results using Unbleached Bread Flour (Ultra-Unifine) from Azure.

I mixed the dough in the evening, proofed at room temp over night, shaped the muffins at breakfast time, and cooked at lunch time.

Naan- Rebooted Mom

I have only made naan with all purpose flour so far.

Pancakes- Nourished Kitchen

Soft whole wheat flour or all purpose flour are both good options for these pancakes.

Pancakes- Farmhouse on Boone

These don't require any prep ahead of time other than having active sourdough starter ready.

Sourdough Soft Pretzels- Baking Sense

I’ve had good success with this recipe but I’ve learned that they should not be allowed raise much after shaping the dough into pretzel shapes- if they raise and become puffy, they do not hold their shape when placed in boiling water.

Tortillas- Cultures for Health

If making these with whole wheat flour, the best type is SOFT WHITE wheat flour.

I’ve found that greasing the griddle/skillet before cooking each tortilla helps them to cook nicely without burning.

Waffles- Buttered Side Up

I used soft white whole wheat flour for these and they were the best waffles I've ever made!

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