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My Favorite Places to Buy Garden Seeds

This is Part 4 in my series of gardening blog posts.

I personally hate seed shopping in stores.  

For one thing, my family is always impatient to go (anyone else have this problem?).

Secondly, I usually don't find the varieties I am I looking for.  For example, one year I was amazed at how much better contender beans were than bush blue lake beans, which I previously grew.  Now when I buy bean seeds, I always want to make sure I get contenders.  (A garden journal can be helpful to compare your experiences with the different varieties of vegetables.  You can read about garden journaling in my last blog article: https://www.glorygarden.org/blog//the-1-thing-you-must-do-if-you-garden-free-download).

Rather than making hurried and pressured seed-buying decisions in the aisle of Menards I prefer to peruse gorgeous seed catalogs and order online.  This way, I can refer to my garden records, research my questions online, and compare prices in the comfort of my home.  In addition, seed catalogs usually offer helpful growing information that is typically not found on a seed packet.

My favorite seed companies are:

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.  All their seeds are heirlooms, their catalog is BEAUTIFUL, and the prices are great.

High Mowing Organic Seeds.  All organic seeds and free shipping!

Are you concerned about unknowingly buying GMO seeds?  I was concerned about this as well, until I found out the simple truth:  There are only two vegetables with varieties that are produced via genetic modification: squash and sweet corn.  None of these varieties of squash and sweet corn are available for home gardeners to purchase.  Just to be doubly-sure, you can check to see if the seed company you are buying from has signed the "Safe Seed Pledge" (which states that they will not buy or sell GMOs).  Yes, the seed companies I listed above have signed it.

Now it's your turn:  Where do you buy seeds?  What is your favorite seed company?

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