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How to Freeze Pesto

A common breakfast in the Anderson household is a fried egg on Ezekiel toast.

My husband made this for himself in his bachelor days but now that I make breakfast for him, I’ve made it a little more “gourmet” by adding a spread of basil pesto on the toast. This change was accepted without comment and I never knew that the pesto made any difference until one morning when the basil pesto was gone and I served the fried egg on toast (without pesto). My breakfast patron lifted the steaming egg to peer suspiciously at the buttered toast underneath.

“What happened to the basil pesto?” he asked in a jilted tone.

I laughed in bewilderment. “How could someone feel so entitled to his special treatment after only a few months of marriage when a fried egg on plain toast served him just fine BEFORE?!”

Well, I learned a lesson. If you want a happy husband, make sure you don’t skip the pesto on his fried egg on toast.

In all seriousness, did you know that you could freeze pesto to enjoy the flavor of fresh herbs all winter long?

One common method is to freeze the pesto in ice cube trays, but that can take too long to thaw if you want to use it quickly.

I’ve got a better way to freeze pesto!

How to Freeze Pesto

1- Line a baking sheet with waxed paper or parchment paper. Spread the pesto in a thin layer. Freeze.

2- Remove from freezer and break pesto into pieces.

3- Place in a zip lock bag and freeze!

To use, simply remove a chunk from the freezer for a few minutes to thaw.

See photos below.

Here is the pesto ready to go into the freezer.

Here is the frozen pesto broken into pieces.

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