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FAQ: Is Glory Garden Organic?

I’m so glad that you care enough to inquire!  I am often asked whether the local farms who grow food for Glory Garden are organic or chemical free. 

So let's talk about organic for a minute, shall we?

For a large grower out in California who is shipping to HyVee, it makes sense to go through the extra effort of paperwork and expense to have the organic certification.  The organic sticker is your assurance that someone is inspecting that farm out on the other side of the country to verify that they are organic.  But when you are buying from someone local, you don't need that sticker.  I am talking to these farmers myself. 

I know firsthand what it is like to lose your whole crop of cucumbers to bacterial wilt.  I know what it feels like to be working 7 days a week in the spring and be thinking, "I should have gotten those carrots planted 2 weeks ago."  We commiserate over the evils of squash bugs and geek out about aphid control.

I understand why we as small-scale farmers strive so hard to grow without chemicals.  If we are going through all this work to grow high quality food for our communities that tastes amazing and is impossible not to rave about, we sure as heck don't want to be spraying chemicals.

So the short answer is: all of our growers do the best they can to use organic growing methods even if they aren't certified organic.  A few of our producers are certified organic.

Each product description lists the farm where it is coming from.

Want to meet the farmers who grow your food?  Click here!

I would love to answer any other questions you may have. You can email me at: anna.sews@live.com.

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