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Cheddar Cheese Curds, 6 oz.


We are excited to bring you this delicious high quality cheese from a local family farm!

Stensland Family Farms is a multi-generational dairy in Larchwood, IA.  Four generations of the Stensland family work together to produce milk, cheese, and ice cream from their herd of 200 cows.

What makes Stensland's cheese special:

  • The cows are mainly fed non-GMO organic crops that are grown on the Stensland's farm.  They are is supplemented with a non-organic protein mix which makes up a small portion of their diet.

  • Stensland's cows only produces milk with the natural A2/A2 protein.  Many people find that A2 milk is easier to digest and some find that it is the only kind of dairy they can consume without negative reactions!

  • No rBST growth hormone is used.

  • No antibiotics are ever in the milk.

  • The cows are comfortably housed in an open air barn where they have the freedom to be milked whenever they choose using robot milkers that reward them with treats when they choose to enter the milking parlor.  They enjoy the experience of being milked so much that they will wait in line for their turn to be milked!

White Cheddar Cheese Curds Ingredients
Pasteurized milk, cheese cultures, vegetarian rennet, salt, enzymes, calcium chloride (to aid coagulation)