1 clamshell (about the size of a cherry tomato pint container). Choose from 6 different varieties:
Cilantro- tastes like a miniature version of the herb
Leek- flavor of onions or chives, soft seed remains on leek greens
Mild Micro Mix- a mix of mild flavored cabbage, kale, kohlrabi, and mizuna
Mustard- spicy flavor
Parsley- tastes like parsley!
Radish- spicy like a radish
Sunflowers- the most crunchy variety of microgreen with thick leaves and sturdy stems
Romaine- baby romaine lettuce

Recycling: No need to return the clamshells; we do not reuse them.

What are microgreens?
Microgreens are baby plants, harvested when they are about 2" tall. 

What do they taste like?
They taste like mild baby versions of the grown-up plant.

How are microgreens different than sprouts?
Sprouts are seeds that are germinated in water and eaten with the seed, root, and shoot.  Microgreens are grown in soil and only the above-ground portion is harvested and eaten.

Why should I eat them?
Microgreens are much more nutrient dense foods than their fully mature counterparts, because they take all of the important vitamins and minerals found in the mature plant and manage to cram them into a much smaller package.
Researchers have found that microgreens have four to six times more nutrients than the mature leaves of the same plant. 
Think of it like sprinkling baby vitamin fairies on your salad.

What do you do with them?
~ Add to salads
~ Add to wraps
~ Add to sandwiches
~ Add to smoothies