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Pastured Whole Chicken


Prairie Sky chickens are raised on native prairie grass and their pen is moved daily to receive fresh pasture greens and bugs. They are fed a grain mix from a local elevator.  These chickens are raised with love and care- the old fashioned way. You'll taste the difference and be healthier for it!

Studies show the nutritional value of meat from pastured poultry that consume grass and forage is higher than meat from conventionally-raised birds:

  • 2.3x more omega-3 fats.
  • 15% more collagen
  • 6% higher protein
  • 1.3x more vitamin E (source)

Antibiotic, hormone, and drug free.

Humanely processed on the farm.

Vacuum sealed and frozen.

The skin and bones from these pastured chickens makes an excellent nutrient-dense chicken stock. Simply place the non-meat pieces of the chicken in a crock pot, cover with water, and cook for several hours up to a day.

Price is for a whole frozen chicken. Choose from a variety of sizes.