Pastured Chicken- Individual Cuts


Goosemobile chickens are raised outside on pasture and allowed to forage for greens, bugs, and whatever else they can find! They are supplemented with a grain mix from a local elevator.

They never receive any antibiotics, hormones, or drugs.

Something unique about the meat chickens is that the Muth family does the processing themselves on the farm, so your meat comes straight from the farm to your freezer. This means that your meat is never shipped across the country, bathed in chlorine, or injected with saline.

Cuts Available:

  • Breasts- Package of 2 frozen breasts with skin, 1.25 lb total average weight.
  • Drumsticks- Package of 4 frozen drumsticks (skin-on, bone-in), 1 lb total average weight.
  • Thighs- Package of 3 frozen thighs (skin-on, bone-in), 1 lb total average weight.