Free Happy Pork


Joel Gindo at Free Happy Farm raises his pigs the old fashioned way, allowing them to wallow in the mud, forage in the weeds outside, and seek shelter within their spacious barn when needed.  These pigs are truly free and happy!

They have unlimited access to a grain mix and fresh water.  They are completely hormone and antibiotic free.

Joel selects three heritage breeds with desirable characteristics to produce meat of superior quality.  We believe you will taste the difference!  See our review of his pork and get a recipe for sausage gravy here.

Unlike commercial pigs that give birth in farrowing crates that are so small the mama pig can't even turn around, Joel allows his sows the freedom to move and raise their piglets without being confined at all. 

Choose from the following cuts:

  • Ground pork- 1 lb package
  • Bacon- 1.5 lb average package
    Cured with water, salt, brown sugar, dextrose, sodium nitrite.
  • Pork chops- 2 per package, 1.5 lb average total weight
  • Iowa pork chops (thicker and larger cut of pork chop)- 2 per package, 2.5 lb average total weight
  • Shoulder roast- 2.5 lb average roast