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Clover Ranch Bison


10 reviews

We are excited to offer this locally-raised bison meat from Jason and Erin Callaway of Clover Ranch in Beresford, SD. 

We have had only good feedback so far!  Check out the product reviews!

How Clover Ranch Bison are raised:
  • They are fed free choice corn and hay in addition to the pasture they graze.
    (The uniform flavor profile of our meat is primarily due to the corn, as that helps to even out the flavors between each animals preferences for the amount and what type of grass.)

  • No antibiotics used.
  • No hormones used.

  • Low stress handling techniques.  They are not put into any sort of squeeze chute and are not moved into a working pen until they are headed to the processor. "They know us and trust us to take care of them, but want little to do with us when we are tending to their needs. They are a herd and it is very evident they want their friends to be around, " says Jason.

Here's what Jason says about their experience raising bison:

"We decided to start raising bison as fulfillment of a childhood dream and because we thought it would be fun and different to try.  We did our research, got our watering systems dialed in, modified our fences, bolstered up the trailer walls, and headed west to find some bison! 

It is definitely not for the faint at heart, they are for sure wild animals with incredible strength and stamina.  Every evening we enjoy going to stand by the fence and watching them run around and play.

We want to continue raising bison; this is a new venture for us and we want it to grow.  We want to feed people healthy stuff because we have concerns with where and what we get from corporate entities.  Our goal is truly just to be good stewards to our community, to look out for our neighbors, and make sure that we are doing our part. "