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Burggraff Family Eggs


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*Now that snow is covering the ground, you may notice the eggs yolks are not as dark gold as they are in the summer. The dark gold color comes from fresh leafy greens and bugs that the chickens forage for during the summer. Once these natural sources of carotenoids are gone for the year, the egg yolks usually become more yellow colored. Rest assured the quality is still the same; the change of color is simply part of the change of seasons!*

1 dozen eggs.

The Burggraff family's hens are raised on pasture and roost safely at night in a portable chicken coop. In addition to the bugs and greens they forage for, they are fed a mix of non-GMO, organically grown grains from a local farmer including barley, oats, peas, buckwheat, lentils, and flax.

Happy hens= healthy eggs!

Researchers have found that compared to commercial eggs, pastured eggs contain:

• 1/3 less cholesterol
• 1/4 less saturated fat
• 2/3 more vitamin A
• 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
• 3 times more vitamin E
• 7 times more beta carotene

After trying one of these eggs with their bright golden yolks, you will never look back!

Please return the cartons.