Lindy Pastured Pork


Family Farm- Matt and Jamie Lindemann and their son Rhett raise pastured pork at Lindy Land & Livestock near Alcester, SD.

Good Clean Meat- Jamie started raising pigs because she was dissatisfied with the flavor and texture of conventional pork purchased at the grocery store.  If she wanted better meat, she was going to have to raise it herself.  She selected the Berkshire breed of pigs for their superior meat quality and marbling.

Pastured Pork- Jamie regularly moves her pig's fence to a fresh section of pasture where they can root in the dirt and forage for plants.  They are supplemented with a grain mix and fresh water.

Humanely Raised- If you're familiar with the common industry practice of "farrowing crates", you will be glad to know that Jamie's sows are never confined, but instead raise their piglets in a large pen outdoors where they can freely move around.

Antibiotic Free-  Antibiotics are never used on the meat pigs.

Unconfined.  Unconventional.  Unbelievably good.  You'll just have to try it for yourself!

To see ingredients for the products that have added ingredients, click on the specific product in the drop down box, then read the ingredients list on the photo of the product label.

  • Bacon is cured naturally with celery salt- no nitrates or nitrites added.
  • Porter house steak is just another name for pork chops!
  • Ham steak is cured naturally with celery salt- no nitrates or nitrites added.
  • Stew Meat is cubed pork arm roast cut in 1”x1” and ¾”x ¾” pieces for your convenience.
  • Lard is raw and unprocessed.  To learn how to render traditional healthy lard, click here.
  • Snack sticks and smoked links are fully cooked and can be eaten cold or heated up.